A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WASD to move, SHIFT to run, mouse to look/interact.

Note: If you upgrade your training you'll walk/run faster.

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Install instructions

Do normal things.


PlanetZ33-Windows.zip 32 MB
PlanetZ33-Mac.app.zip 34 MB
PlanetZ33-Linux.zip 36 MB


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I loved everything about it, from the creepy sci-fi sounds, to the slurpy rock-picking-up sound, to the coziness of the base, and everything in between. Beautifully done. (It's also surprisingly addictive...) :D

This game runs on Linux. 

After downloading and unzipping to a directory,

I just did:  chmod +x PlanetZ33.x86_64

And started playing.  Everything worked fine.