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This is a prototype combat system for Call of the Void. The artwork and animations are placeholder.

I'm looking for feed back on the following things:

  • How does combat feel?
  • Are there parts that are annoying or could be improved in a particular way?
  • What would you like to see more of?
  • Is there anything that comes to mind that would it more interesting?

Thanks for playing! :)

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AuthorLana Lux
GenreAction, Fighting


FightGame.zip 97 MB


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EPIC NOSEBLEEDS!!! lmao...I love it :D

I kept getting clobbered for the first few minutes lol...

I think the combat is fun! I am curious how well it will translate to first person if you're planning on doing that.

It was difficult for me to get used to the controls at first, but I got used to it after a short time. It took me a bit to figure out how to time things correctly, but once I figured it out, all was good.

Things I would like to see more of:

Blood. Specifically, I want the blood to accumulate on the floor and their clothing.

Sick kung fu bro. Maybe some kicks in the mix.

Reactions to getting hit. Like "Ouch, that really hurt", or "You son-of-a-bitch!".

Alien abduction of your enemy mid-fight.

I can think of a few ways you could make it more interesting:

1. Kicks (you could hold shift or something to change from punches to kicks)

2. Variety of dodges/blocks (maybe hold control to do a block/dodge, then you could dodge to the left, right, back, or duck down)

3. Maybe grabs/tackles?

4. Maybe when you hit them, it has a chance to break their shoulder or something, and then they can't use that arm?

5. Hitting them makes them curl up in a fetal position and cry. Shortly after they end up in the fatal position.

I enjoyed it! Thanks for making it and thanks for making the jam!!! :)

Combat feels good, it's easy enough at least. :D

The highlighting of the buttons is pretty cool, extra good for youtubers/streamers. will need gamepad button highlights too though.

I played without audio because i was listening to a podcast on bluetooth headphones, no idea how it sounds.  [just listened to the video - haha, hardly any audio. missed attacks could have whoosh sounds. punch and pain sounds could need a little variation.

Annoying: cut-off animations rather than blended sometimes.

Annoying: way too much blood. removing blood might be required to not slip into higher age rating.

Idea: slight constant camera shake.

Idea: cam shake based on intensity of punch, possibly only for final knock-out. not to be overdone of course :D

Idea: make health more visible (classic top centered left/right health bars, see tekken etc)

Stamina bar also.

Idea: when trying to use a move that can't be done rn, highlight the stamina bar to how much more energy is needed for this move to work.

Visuals are awesome.

At the end the winner could change pose to relaxing/recovering.