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I loved this game in a weird way, it was really unique. Definitely

worth a play

Also, you forgot to link the game to the LD page:

Keyboard shortcuts are not the right way in this game. Don't make the mistake I made: don't press Alt-F4

Cute game. I like the Teletubbies like character with the cute voice, round houses, spiral sky, and the rainbow tunnel.


Amazing stuff, as always!


Such a wonderful game! The gathering and building mechanics are really fun and the npcs react dynamically to what you do! I have played only a little but I'm excited to jump back in, meet all the cute characters and level up!

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That is the correct attitude. :)


Day 1:

I wasn't sure what to expect from this game going in. From the start I have to admit I was a bit creeped out, but I gave it a shot anyways. I've been mining for a while now and I'm slowly leveling up and exploring all the new areas! Gonna keep playing and see what else I can find! :)

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There's no possible way you could be disappointed. :)


Definitely not! I can't believe it's already Day 3!

After getting some friendly reminders not to leave by the villagers, and realizing how pathetic my life was outside the game, I've spent most of the past few days playing, mining and building. It's so fun I even quit my job so I could spend more time playing it! :)

I didn't realize the game had some kind of sleep detection mechanic built-in. I didn't notice it at first but now every time I try to sleep I hear a weird sound so I've just been going back to the game...I made a lot of progress though! I think soon I'll be unlocking the next area!


Perfect, you're doing great. Sounds like you're almost there!


I've lost track of the days. I think this is Day 10 or...11?

I've continued playing the game and I've been enjoying it, but I haven't slept much lately. I live alone, but last night when I was playing, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped out of my chair and hit my knee and when I turned around to look there was nobody there, just darkness. Then I heard a friendly voice in my ear: "Don't stop playing now, you're so close!". I think it's just delerium setting in from not having enough sleep.

After that my heart was racing, but I knew I could finally make it to level 200 so I kept playing all night and I did it! Stopped for a minute to write this comment but now it's time to see what's on the other side of this tunnel! :)


This was a fun read :D

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wtf Lana


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On 1st quick test prior to game sound being added, it played fine on a slower Intel GPU. Had to use Alt F4 to quit game, then it restarted. See fast walking (run) is made possible by the shift key.  NICE game for  sure! :)   Newer version (61MB's) with fun audio works well. Once you quit it, by design, it "seemingly won't"  let you  replay beyond opening screen; only option seems is Quit... in keeping with the Jam theme, Delay the Inevitable.

Thank you for playing and for the notes, Randy! :)